Team Building

It’s that time of year again, and like usual, you’re out of money and ideas – the 2 most necessary things to make a good Christmas gift. So instead of wasting your well-earned cash on a present that will probably just get thrown onto a pile and forgotten about, why not spend it on something that will actually be an important gift to someone?

Here’s why a gift voucher for an escape room is the perfect solution to this problem for both you and the receiver!


First, it’s a memorable gift. For some, an escape room could be the experience of the year. So, rather than buying someone clothes, makeup or anything that will just die along with the trend, wouldn’t it be a better idea to choose something that the recipient can actually keep as a memory for life rather than something materialistic? Christmas is all about being sentimental, so a gift like this is perfect for someone who loves to spend time with their friends and family, as they get to chose who they want to include in this experience with them!

Team Building

On top of this, it could be cost effective for you, the buyer. A good idea to make use of a gift voucher for a present could be for you to buy it for a family, as a joint gift for them all. This way, they can all enjoy the gift and it saves you wasting money on socks or bath salts, that would probably just get re-gifted next year…just admit, we all do it!

This will also save you time over the holidays, as you won’t need to worry about having to go into any shops to find the right gift. Or even worse, if you do your shopping online and then the delivery comes, and the colour, sizing or material isn’t right, and you waste even more time returning the item and trying to find something else. But when buying an escape room gift voucher, all of these problems are eliminated, so why put a pointless burden on yourself and let it ruin this time of year for you?!

So instead of trying to work out the perfect gift for your friends and family this Christmas, leave the puzzles to someone else, and purchase an escape room gift card for Kanyu Escape today!