The first time you go in to an escape room can present you with a daunting sight. You’re in a completely unfamiliar setting – perhaps an ancient tomb, maybe a detective’s office or a laboratory or any one of dozens of other escape room themes. It’s filled with strange looking objectives, perhaps with hieroglyphs, charts and symbols on the walls.

Most people are thinking “Where the heck do we start?” Well, the answer almost invariably is: begin with a thorough search of the escape room. In most escape rooms, pretty much everything you will come across will be relevant one way or another.

Conduct a Thorough Search

It’s usually a good idea not to focus on the first thing you find; there may be other stuff that is of more immediate use, so continue your search.

Once you’ve done your search, it’s down to you to figure out the connections that will help you solve the puzzles. Make sure you tell your team-mates what you’ve found: very often you find one player hanging on to a piece of information or an item that another needs to solve a puzzle.

It can also be a good idea to at least make a note of where you find things, if not, leave them where you found them: it could be that their position is relevant to the puzzle.


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Linear or Non-Linear?

Remember, whilst some escape rooms are what is called ‘linear’ (you have to solve the puzzles one at a time in a particular order) many escape rooms are set up so that you can work on more than one puzzle at the same time. You’ll make quicker progress in these ‘non-linear’ rooms if you split up into smaller teams with each working on different puzzles.

And it’s worth remembering that an escape room is design to be able to be solved within the time allowed. In other words, you do have enough time to complete, yet many teams will fail because they rush and make mistakes. It’s always worth just stepping back, drawing breath, and giving yourself time to think.

Remember, you don’t have to escape to have fun – there’s a buzz to be had exploring the room and from every time the penny suddenly drops and you solve a puzzle.


A word of warning however; escape rooms can become addictive! Some of the players visiting Kanyu Escape have taken on many hundreds of escape rooms, both in the UK and abroad. We’re based between Leeds and York, just off the A1 so we’re very accessible to many players across the UK!