Here at Kanyu Escape, we often hold team development days for companies based in Leeds, Harrogate and York. You might think ‘How can an Escape Room possibly help the staff in my business to work together better?’, so we decided to write this blog post to give you an idea of a few of the benefits an Escape Room could have for you company.


Although they sound the same, team building and team development are actually different things. Team Building is more about your team just having an enjoyable day out of the office and getting to know each other better. Team development makes you work together on a task you wouldn’t usually do, and you get to learn each others strengths in a non-office environment. There is usually a time for reflection to see how you could have solved a task better and to also highlight areas that you should work on.
Our Team Development package incorporates some of the benefits of team building. We’re certain that your staff will love taking on our escape rooms (voted 1st and 2nd best in Yorkshire) and if you do work in Leeds, York or Harrogate, it’ll be great to be away from a city centre environment for half a day. Team Development days are usually a lot less fancied by staff than team building days for the obvious reason that they actually have to put some thought into what they’re doing as opposed to simply having fun, but our Escape Rooms will definitely help them to enjoy the process a lot more!


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When your team are locked in one of our rooms for an hour, they’ll either escape or they won’t. It’d be quite easy to judge your team on those who escaped and those who didn’t. It’s not always as black and white as the team who escaped worked together best. This is why our Analysis session is invaluable. We highlight the parts where the team worked well and where they didn’t. We also suggest ideas to help improve this going forward. It could be that your team is struggling with communication or they could be struggling to make a decision, but rest assured, our Escape Rooms will help you get to the bottom of it. We’ve never had a team come in and have no areas of improvement to work on.

Our Team Development package is priced at £360 for up to 12 players including refreshments onsite. It takes around 3-4 hours to complete. Our location is perfect for Leeds Harrogate and York businesses as we’re just off the A1 next to Boston Spa. We have had companies come from all over Yorkshire and even the rest of the UK to take on the number 1 and 2 best rated rooms in Yorkshire!
Directions to our Escape Room from Leeds, Harrogate and York are here.