Team Building, Kanyu

The Kanyu Team Building centre has been established to help organisations assess, understand, develop and consolidate the teams that underpin the performance of their enterprises.

Team Building Activities in Leeds

A fun way of consolidating existing teams that get few opportunities to interact outside of the work environment.

Groups of up to 12 people are divided into two teams, each of which play both of our immersive escape rooms. Teams can either compete with one another or play just for fun. This is a half day experience available Monday to Friday during office hours. Immersing your team of up to 12 players in our movie quality sets with unique puzzles is available for £360.

Team Building Activities in Leeds using your in-house or preferred providers

You develop and deliver the learning programme – we provide the facilities and technical staff.

We recognise many businesses have favoured external providers or in-house training & development professionals. Our centre is available for businesses to run their own development programmes in a fresh and challenging setting, making use of game play and our breakout room & presentation facilities. Game-play is used by your in-house learning & development professionals to explore behaviours, including tasking individuals during the course of play, whilst monitoring live behaviours via CCTV. Illustrative clips from the CCTV recordings are available if required. Our centre is available Monday to Friday during office hours for use by in-house or preferred providers at a cost of £360 for the first three hours and £100 per hour thereafter.

Kanyu Team Building Activities in Leeds

Programmes bespoke to the individual client, focussed on delivering outcomes.

Our programmes are run by professionals highly experienced in learning & development, communications, marketing and business strategy. Built around a thorough understanding of the client’s business and of the team working issues to be explored, desired outcomes are agreed with the client as the programme is finalised.

Typically, initial team profiling and discussion is followed by challenging game play. In-play behaviours are monitored via CCTV by our trainers and form the basis of facilitated discussion of the programme’s focus issues. Video clips from the CCTV recordings are used as learning tools and as prompts to explore how individuals and the team can work more effectively. The discussion consolidates learning points and focuses on outcomes, in particular behavioural change that the team can implement in the work environment. Fees depend on the scope of the programme, and are in paid in two tranches. Fifty percent is due on finalising the programme; the balance is payable ONLY if the client agrees the programme has delivered the agreed outcomes.

Are you a learning & development professional seeking a unique way of engaging your clients or colleagues? Then visit our centre – on us – to experience what we offer and explore whether it meets your needs. We think you’ll be impressed. Call 0113 468 2477 or email

Ample free on-site parking. Tea and coffee-making facilities provided; catering by arrangement.