Are you going into 2019 with a long check-list of resolutions, but no idea how you’re going to achieve them? Well, there’s a simple solution. Here are three common New Year’s resolutions that visiting an escape room can help anyone achieve!


Is your New Year’s resolution to learn a new skill?

If so, an escape room is an obvious way to tick off this one! Escape rooms are filled with puzzles and mysteries, leaving you to have no option but exercise your problem-solving skills – but also whilst having fun! You can spend time with your loved ones and make a great memory from the experience in addition to ticking off learning a new skill from your checklist!


Is your New Year’s resolution to get closer to your friends and family?

Keeping up to date with a busy schedule whilst everyone else in your life is also doing the same can be stressful. You don’t want to lose touch with those you grew up with, or you’d like to get closer to some new friends you’ve recently met, or you just want to spend some time with your family and build your relationships. Organising a trip to an escape room can be booked in advance, meaning people can save the date with as much notice as possible, and can be used to make a full day out filled with things to do – giving you the perfect opportunity to improve your relationships with others and do some team building, so that you can feel closer than ever to those you love.


Is your New Year’s resolution to grow in confidence?

An escape room can also give you the skills to feel more confident and independent, as the feeling of completing the puzzles and achieving the end result can be a very rewarding feeling! It will also exercise your skills of communicating with others, leaving you to come out of it feeling more confident with other people, along with self-assurance of your skills and personal development, as it will encourage you to be aware that you can accomplish something you never thought you could!


Make your 2019 the best year yet and visit Kanyu Escape Leeds – call us today on 0113 467 2477 or book here to be one step closer to ticking off some of those new year’s resolutions!