Kanyu, Escape Games


Main FAQs

Who can play?

Our rooms are a fun challenge for groups of friends and colleagues, as well as families. The minimum age for unaccompanied juniors is 16 (children aged 11 to 15 MUST be part of a family group). No significant physical activity is required – it’s brains not brawn that counts! One of our rooms is wheelchair-user friendly – please contact us in advance of booking if your group includes a wheelchair user.

What are opening hours?

We are open for booked sessions seven days a week. Our first games start at 10am and the last at 8.30pm. Please see the booking system for available sessions.

What does it cost?

The price is £20 per person, but please check our Facebook page @escapesouthlodge as we run special offers from time to time.

How many can take part?

The minimum group size is two. The maximum group size is six in ‘Follow in my Footsteps’ and eight in ‘Lightning in a Bottle’.

How do we book?

You can book via the ‘Book Now’ button on this web-site: just pick which room, the day and time you want to play, and the number of people you are booking for. Our booking system is connected to a secure payment portal that can take debit and credit card payments.

If we have not booked, can we just turn up and play?

Just turning up is NOT recommended. Games should be booked in advance to ensure we can accommodate all our clients. However if you find yourself at a loose end and want to play at short notice call us on 0113 468 2477 and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What happens after we have booked?

You’ll be sent a confirmation email containing your booking reference, details of the booking, a receipt for payment and some preliminary background to the room you are playing.

When do I need to arrive?

All players need to arrive NO LATER than 15 minutes before the time their game is due to start to allow time for a briefing. No group can enter a game room without all players having been briefed.

Can I bring extra players?

The maximum capacity of ‘Follow in my Footsteps’ is six people, and in ‘Lightning in a Bottle’ the maximum is eight. So long as the total number of people in your group is not greater than the capacity of the room you have booked, then you can bring additional players. Extra payers can pay by cash or card on the day.

Is there parking on site?

Yes, we have ample car parking at the rear of South Lodge. Please do not park at the front of building – we need to keep this space clear for turning vehicles.

What should I wear?

There are no special requirements but be aware that you may need to kneel to negotiate small spaces. High heels are not recommended.

Is there anywhere secure to store jackets, bags, mobile phone etc.?

Lockers are provided for all groups. You may not take outerwear, bags, cameras or mobile phones in to the rooms.

Do I need to bring anything?

All you need to play is provided.

What happens if someone is late?

Those who have arrived on time will be able to start their scheduled game. Anyone who is late may not participate and no refund will be afforded in such circumstances.

What happens if we are all late?

We are running tightly scheduled live action games. Last minute re-scheduling IS NOT POSSIBLE and there will be no refund of any payments.

What happens if we can’t make it to our booking?

You can transfer your booking to another group. You’ll need to let us know who will be coming instead by calling 01937 220631 and make private arrangements in respect of payment. We cannot refund your payment and take payment from the new group.
With not less than seven days’ notice, you can transfer your booking to another date and time, subject to availability, however booked sessions cannot be refunded regardless of notice.