Effective teams are at the heart of all great organisations

Everyone gains from team working.

If any of these sound familiar, talk to us about our team development programme:

  • Great individuals who just don’t gel together;
  • Good colleagues who struggle with a new role;
  • New staff who interviewed well but don’t seem to fit;
  • Not getting the best out of an otherwise able colleague.

Kanyu Team Development reveals colleagues’ natural strengths and where they will best fit – and be most productive – in your team. You wouldn’t expect a Premiership side to win anything if the 11 were all defenders and goalkeepers. In the same way, a blend of attributes covering the spectrum of skills represents the best chance of success in business.



Team-building events are often just an excuse to spend the company’s money having a bit of fun. We think participants AND the company should benefit. That’s why our programme is  both enjoyable and sheds light on how to be more effective. We use acclaimed management tools to assess individuals’ natural roles and put them to the test in a live action setting. They’ll face a series of challenges – both demanding and fun – that reveal how they respond whilst working towards a common objective.



CCTV recordings of how the challenges handled are used to analyse the lessons to be learned. The practical element of the programme is in rooms that have movie-quality sets, where participants will face a series of puzzles. Immersed in a different world, faced with unfamiliar tasks and out of their comfort zone, natural behaviours are revealed.



As well as offering learning delivered by our team of specialists, Kanyu’s facility is available for use by your in-house learning and development function. You develop and deliver the learning programme, we’ll provide the facilities and technical staff.


Kanyu can help you build great teams – and have fun doing it!

For a call back or more information, email info@kanyu.co.uk or call 0113 468 2477